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Our Team

Paul Roberts, SR/WA

Director, Land Services – Ontario

Paul joins Synergy to spearhead business development activities and manage all aspects of client services in the Ontario region. He is a proven leader with extensive experience in appraisal, negotiation and management in both the public and private sectors ranging from road widenings, emergency services and water reservoir sites to subways, light rail transit and rapid transit bus lanes. Paul also has a significant background in clean energy acquisitions for solar panel farms and wind turbines as well as oil and gas projects.

Paul is results-oriented and relies on his depth of knowledge and experience, as well as effective communication skills to achieve the outcomes clients expect.

Paul is a current member and past president of the IRWA Chapter 29, past president and current director of the Ontario Expropriation Association, past president and current member of the Ontario Association of Municipal Real Estate Administrators. Additionally he is a past designated member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Contact Paul at or 416.550.9351 for your land services requirements.