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Synergy offers a full range of heritage consulting services to the oil and gas sector, private developers, forestry, government, and First Nations. With over 15 years of archaeological experience, our staff aim for the most reliable and economical solutions to satisfy all client and regulatory requirements.

Archaeological Services

  • Archaeological Assessment Information form (BC)
  • Archaeological Overview Assessment (BC)
  • Preliminary Field Reconnaissance (PFR)
  • Archaeological Impact Assessment (BC)
  • Historic Resources Impact Assessment (AB)
  • Statement of Justification (AB)
  • Class 1 Permit investigations (YK, NWT)
  • Class 2 Permit investigations (YK, NWT)
  • Stage 1-4 Investigations (Ont)
  • Archaeological modeling
  • Historical and archaeological research
  • Machine deep testing
  • Statistical and predictive modeling
  • Construction monitoring
  • Ethno-historical reports
  • Gap analysis
  • Artifact identification and classification
  • Artifact cataloguing
  • Winter soil sampling
  • Dendrochronology (tree core ring counting)

Our Industries

Archaeology is often required in any development you do. , Synergy offers archaeological expertise to a range of industries, including:

  • oil and Gas
  • forestry
  • mining
  • infrastructure
  • sub divisions
  • telecommunications
  • construction
  • urban planning
  • resource management

Where We Work

Both on-staff and our network of affiliated professional archaeologists provide services throughout Canada.