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Telecommunications has always been a fast paced, ever changing industry where the demand to continually evolve and innovate is unrelenting.

Increasing reliance on wireless technology to enhance and support our modern “smart” lifestyles is evident in many facets of life ranging from how we manage our homes, businesses, and education, to how we stay updated with current events or alerts, access entertainment, and maintain contact to emergency services.

This next generation of cellular technology will require innovative and creative methods for integration into the existing networks. It will also involve working closely with urban and rural municipalities in order to incorporate the technology into future plans and developments allowing for new offerings like smart connected city services and rural high-speed connectivity.

Telecommunication Services

  • Site Selection
  • Site Acquisition
  • Lease and/or License Acquisition
  • Municipal Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Land Use Authority Concurrence
  • Public Consultation Logistics
  • Open House Attendance
  • ISED and Regulatory Diligence
  • Site Mapping
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Transport and NAV Canada Submissions
  • Third Party Approvals

Providing a reliable wireless network to meet this demand can be challenging, and therefore the need for expert consultants is pivotal. Synergy has invested in highly qualified staff and extensive training to help meet this demand. Combined with our expertise in negotiation, consultation and public engagement we are perfectly positioned to support your projects and continue to drive the construction of Canada’s high speed wireless infrastructure.