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Synergy Land and Environmental Ltd. have an experienced multi-disciplinary team of GIS experts, technicians and designers. Our team has the capability and expertise to deliver your projects on time, on budget and beyond expectations. We understand that no two jobs or clients are the same, with that in mind we tailor our services to each client based on the project scope and goals.

GIS Services

  • Data Capture/Input
  • Digitization
  • GPS Surveying/Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Data Queries
  • Data cleanup
  • Data Manipulation/analysis
  • Data Translations or Data Transformation
  • Data/Statistical Analysis
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Data Output
  • Cartographic Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Custom
  • Plotting
  • Various types and sources Data integration into a unified mapping, processing and analysis environment

Pre-Construction Planning

Oil and Gas construction planning involves a large amount of information regarding design, construction methods, unit costs and production rates. Synergy Land uses GIS as a tool that will integrate and manage various types of information for spatial and non-spatial data required for the pre-construction planning.


Specialists can use GIS as a tool to create, manipulate and geometrically correct data by the use of a hard copy map or survey plan to assist with urgent requests.

GIS Specialized Services

Synergy Land and Environmental Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of specialized GIS services to ensure your projects are being completed to their maximum possible potential.

  • Data Submissions to the Private and Public Sector • Land Consultation and Notification Modelling
  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment
  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM)
  • Watershed Delineation using Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) • Visibility Analysis (Field of View, Line of Site)
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Analysis
  • Hydrogeology Analysis

Oil Spill Prevention And Response

GIS is applied as a tool for oil spill prevention, emergency response plans, and an aid for measuring natural resource damage.

Land Consultation And Notification (C&N) Analysis

Specialists can use GIS as a tool to provide clients with C & N line lists and identify current land restriction and ownership details required in land acquisition and construction applications.