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Synergy’s freehold mineral department is comprised of a highly experienced and knowledgeable, full-service acquisition and administration team who strive to provide error-free final packages at competitive rates.

Freehold mineral projects are handled by our mineral specialists located in our Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba offices. They are dedicated to ensuring confidentiality, accuracy and attention to detail in order to provide our clients peace of mind.


  • searching and locating landowner parcels of interest
  • locating “hard to find” landowners, including beneficiaries of now deceased mineral owners who lived in Canada and the United States
  • negotiating and handling complex estates
  • negotiating agreements such as: option to lease, agreement to acquire (top leases) and straight leases
  • preparing lease agreements and supporting documentation, including those for estates and non-residents
  • registering interests and title curity with Land Title offices
  • commissioning documents
  • administering and issuing payouts

For any freehold mineral project inquiries, please contact Kevin Koopman at (403) 807-1992 or