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Synergy is hiring! Apply today and join the combined power of a group of professionals working together to achieve great things.


Synergy has the resources to successfully assist our clients with their in-house staffing needs. Think of Synergy as an extension of your team!

Our team members are available for short- or long-term engagements, whatever is required to get the job done accurately and efficiently. Together, our team brings over 120 combined years of in-house administrative knowledge in all aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Looking for in-house administrative support?

Our team is available now and can easily fill any position required. Synergy has staff with varying levels of experience and expertise. We will select the right person to match your project needs.

Cost savings

Some examples of in-house staffing placements that provide cost savings:

  • senior staff to manage surface land department
  • complete large A&D projects from start to finish, eliminating the need to tie up permanent staff
  • third-party program management
  • data clean-up
  • monthly rental runs
  • day-to-day administration

Need a reference?

Upon request, Synergy can provide multiple references who can attest to our efficient and professional placement history.

Contact Jennifer Potter today at 403-606-2240 or

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