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Synergy maintains a team of experts who specifically focus on environmental legislation, regulations and guideline compliance related to project planning, construction and reclamation. Our team takes the time to understand your project business goals and can develop a customized approach to match your risk tolerance and to guide you through the increasingly complex regulatory process.

Environmental Planning and Regulatory

Synergy offers environmental planning and regulatory services to facilitate asset development and management, as well as ongoing operations, while ensuring project compliance. Staff are involved at every stage from pre-planning to closure in order to identify and mitigate potential impacts or issues, and to liaise with regulatory agencies.

  • regulator-proponent liaison
  • pre- and post-construction site assessments (AB)
  • schedule ‘A’ and ‘B’ site assessments (BC)
  • environmental assessments on federal land
  • caribou and permafrost protection plans
  • wildlife species and habitat assessments and wildlife management plans
  • ungulate winter ranges or wildlife habitat areas (BC)
  • environment mitigation strategies
  • bear den sweeps
  • vegetation and wetland assessments (AB, BC)
  • Stream classification
  • Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments
  • DFO notification and Federal Fisheries Act applications
  • Environmental protection plans (EPPs)
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFR’s);
  • Migratory Bird Inventories and Active Migratory Bird Nest Survey (AMBNS)
  • Rare plant surveys
  • Watercourse and watercourse crossing surveys


Synergy has the knowledge to assist with your Reclamation project as we know these types of projects require site-specific knowledge including topography, native species, weather patterns, and historical and future use.

  • conservation and reclamation plans
  • reclamation certificate application and client representation at reclamation certificate inquiries
  • erosion control and monitoring

Construction Monitoring and Inspection

Synergy supplies timely and efficient construction monitoring and inspection services for the oil and gas, and mining industries. The team work closely with clients and regulatory agencies, to obtain approvals at the appropriate stages and to meet regulatory obligations.  Our construction monitoring and inspection services include:

  • pipeline construction environmental inspection
  • onsite construction supervision
  • wellsite clean-up forms
  • environmental inspection during in-stream work or horizontal directional drilling (HDD).