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Synergy is hiring! Apply today and join the combined power of a group of professionals working together to achieve great things.


From home-based business to national company with offices located across Canada.

Working together toward the greater good is the foundation on which Synergy is built. This fundamental conviction is the basis of our decision making in all aspects of business.

Whether a project entails delivering heat to homes, power to agriculture, or connecting people via roads, Synergy makes every effort to achieve a positive outcome. That means we consult with, listen to, and collaborate with all parties involved to a reach mutually agreeable results. Through professionalism, continuous training and genuine care for the communities where we work, we aim for true synergy with the public and industry.

Strategic Growth

Synergy has taken a strategic approach to growing the business. Identify areas of current and future opportunity, open offices located in or near clients and prospects, and hire locally. Synergy believes that hiring people who live where they work have strong community ties, landowner relationships and understanding of local affairs.


We attribute our success to:

  • providing excellent service to existing clients which results in additional and diversified business
  • building a credible industry reputation
  • diversifying overall service offerings
  • adapting to changes, quickly and creatively
  • instilling a belief that individual success is as important as corporate success
  • attracting and retaining key talent

We are proud of the fact that more than 40 percent of Synergy’s staff have been with the company for more than five years and many hold senior positions. In a competitive industry, we feel that this is a significant achievement and credit their longevity to an environment where professional development and leadership are encouraged. This group will be instrumental in taking the company forward and realizing greater success.