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Recognizing the importance of retaining and managing data collected throughout the life of a project, Synergy developed and implemented a proprietary database almost from day one.

The database was built to incorporate the best components from a variety of land management systems in order to provide the maximum flexibility for our diverse client base and service divisions. The database, which has evolved over time, is an integral tool used daily by Synergy staff members and one that adds a great deal of value to our clients and their projects.

Synergy’s land information system is a one-of-a-kind, custom-built database, specific to the surface land industry. From a technical standpoint, the system is available to multiple users, with all data transferred and housed on our internal network. Upgrades, changes, and the formation of new reports, specific to our clients’ needs, are completed on an as-needed basis.

How does CALMS benefit you and your projects?

The CALMS solution allows Synergy to manage right-of-way projects in real-time.

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Our real-time tracking environment enables collaboration, time savings and error reduction across projects.

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With help of project management elements, you can streamline your processes.

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Paperless Environment

Don’t have to carry papers, go green.

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Error Reduction

Minimal chances of making errors.

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Budget Reporting

Track project funds throughout the projects by receiving real-time updates on the project cost to date.

  • Track all land related payments,due dates, statuses, and required pricing indexes
  • Track team member hours and spending allowing Synergy to send updates.
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Schedule Tasks & Workflows

Schedule automatic alerts, stay on top of acquisitions while improving workflows and overall project efficiency.

  • Workflows to automate processes and approvals
  • Update information in the field without returning to the office