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Our Team

Kevin Koopman Director, Business Development

Kevin Koopman

Director, Business Development

Kevin is a go-getter extraordinaire who never quits. Having spent several years pursuing a career as a professional goalie, followed by obtaining a bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Petroleum Land Management, Kevin understands and personifies dedication, excellence and overcoming challenge.

He has worked steadily in the oil and gas industry for over 16 years, in the field as a mineral and surface landman, coordinating land sales, while successfully maintaining and enhancing new and existing client relationships.

Kevin currently oversees Synergy’s business development and mineral departments. He is integral in establishing and streamlining processes, improving efficiencies and providing top-notch service to all Synergy clients.

Reach out to Kevin today to discuss how he and the Synergy team can support your projects now and in the future. or 403.283.4400.