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Our Team

Bill Giese

Bill Giese

CEO / Founder

As the founder of Synergy, Bill is extremely pleased to see our company continue on its path of success and growth including the recent key appointments of Dan Braund and Jen Potter.

It is with true care and commitment that Bill evaluates each of our clients, their successes, our employee retention and careers, and our general operating environment. When asked for more of a description he has answered, “How lucky am I that when we drafted our corporate description, mission statement and vision that we were able to come up with, “Working together toward the greater good is the foundation on which Synergy is built. This fundamental conviction is the basis of our decision making in all aspects of business.” I mean it still holds true and always should. It is in fact what Synergy is. When you are as privileged to have had this iconic message as a building block of who we are, it is no wonder we can retain staff and clients like we do. Our team is beyond incredible in their commitment, knowledge and care of our clients and we don’t need any ‘fluff’ of what else we are. We are Synergy to industry and community.

Bill has his Diploma in PMLM through University of Mount Royal along with his SR/WA designation. Bill was president of Calgary IRWA Chapter 48 from 2005 to 2006, co-chaired the 2000 IRWA Calgary Conference and has established himself as a senior instructor of many IRWA courses. He has also been a member with CALEP (formerly CAPL), CAPLA and AASLA over the years as well as a long time volunteer with the Calgary Stampede’s Downtown Attraction Committee.