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Key Appointments at Synergy Land Services

Strategic Growth

Synergy is pleased to announce some exciting news. Effective immediately, Jennifer (Jen) Potter, C.P.S.A., and Daniel (Dan) Braund will assume the positions of vice-president and president, respectively. Jen and Dan have demonstrated professionalism and dedication to Synergy and to their profession, continually expanding their industry knowledge, leadership abilities and business acumen. They are highly respected by Synergy staff and industry alike. We are confident that they will lead the company to the next level of success.

Dan has been a part of the Synergy team since 2011 and has worked in the land broker industry since 2006, garnering valuable experience along the way. His knowledge of the business as well as various segments of the industry that Synergy works within, combined with inspiring leadership, motivational and teamwork skills, make him the right person to lead Synergy now, and into the future. Dan is and will continue to be based out of our St. Albert, Alberta office, and will naturally spend more time in Calgary and in our branch locations.

Not only will Synergy benefit from this decision, but so too will the communities in which we work. For the last 11 years Dan has been heavily involved in fundraising for multiple children’s charities in the Edmonton / St. Albert region. He would like to see these efforts expand into all of the communities where Synergy operates. Dan has also held multiple volunteer positions with the IRWA, Chapter 62. In 2019/2020, he served as Chapter president and actively promoted the benefits of the IRWA in Edmonton.

In Dan’s words, “I am genuinely excited to step into this role. The team at Synergy is made up of dedicated professionals who are experts within their disciplines and most importantly, great people who I am proud and lucky to have my name associated with. As a company, we will work daily to continue providing excellent products and services for our clients, while also ensuring that Synergy is offering a top-level career experience for our staff. I would like to thank Keith Turner and Bill Giese for believing in me to take on this position. You both have played very important roles in my career, and I will dedicate myself to lead the great company you built to even greater heights.”

Jen has been a member of the executive team at Synergy since 2011, when she moved from an in-house position to the land broker world. Through her commitment and leadership, she has been an integral part of Synergy’s growth for the last 11 years and will continue to expand on that growth in her new role. Jen will continue to work in the Calgary office where she will work closely with Dan, Keith and Bill through this period of transition. In addition, she will continue supporting all of our clients’ project needs.

According to Jen, she says, “I am very motivated and excited to jump into this new position. I feel like a part of the family at Synergy and have been given the support to confidently take this next step in my career. Both Bill and Keith have provided me with the unique opportunities and experiences needed to continue to build such a diverse company. With so many exciting changes happening, I’m really looking forward to being a bigger part of the team. I’m ready for this exciting new challenge, and as always, I will be here to support our team and our clients.”

Bill Giese, SR/WA, will maintain the role of CEO/founder, providing guidance as this transition takes place. His responsibilities will be focused on financial management and corporate direction, defining long-term financial objectives and monitoring the company’s fiscal goals.

Keith Turner, SR/WA, will continue as executive vice-president, focusing his attention on seeking opportunities for expansion/diversification, and developing action plans for success. He will also be responsible for managing procedures and budgets for client management and care, in addition to project management duties.

Reach out to both Dan and Jen to congratulate them on their achievements and to learn how they and the Synergy team can support your projects now and in the future.

Dan Braund – or 780-964-6440
Jenn Potter – or 403-283-4400