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Our Team

Jennifer Potter Director, Land Administration

Jennifer Potter


Jennifer has diverse experience in all areas of surface land and has been a key driver in Synergy’s growth and expansion since 2011. She has advanced quickly in the company due to her work ethic, leadership abilities and analytical business sense. As vice-president, she brings fresh perspective and ideas for the future growth of the company.

Jennifer has been a long-time member of CAPLA, and volunteered on the CAPLA member services committee from 2012 to 2017 She also facilitated a number of Surface Certification exam study groups for industry colleagues.

She is an avid learner, continually adding to and updating her knowledge. In addition to obtaining her C.P.S. A. designation, she has completed the following courses: Indigenous Canada; Collaboration With Communities: Indigenous Energy Futures in Canada; Manitoba Land Practices; ACO – Proponent Guide Training; and AER OneStop.

Jennifer has been instrumental in implementing a First Nations educational program at Synergy, with the end goal to improve general knowledge about Indigenous culture, and to allow Synergy to build meaningful business relationships with First Nations.

Reach out to Jennifer today to discuss how she and the Synergy team can support your projects now and in the future. or 403.283.4400.